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January 16, 2010

Latisse is New Big Thing in Cosmetic Enhancement

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As I return from San Diego I have noticed that there has been a lot of developments in this cosmetic surgeon field, including breast enhancement and breast enlargement, etc. “Botox was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration to reduce eye spasms,” writes Janice Lloyd for USA Today, in her article Another drug is getting a second life because of desirable side effects, published February 22, 2009. She says that, “Then the world realized it also made people look younger by eliminating wrinkles.”
In his report, Chance side effect creates thick eyelashes, market for Latisse, posted 2/22/2009 for USA Today, Robert Deutsch, wrote about Liz Weber, who wears mascara on her her longer, thicker lashes. Weber uses Latisse, by Allergan. The company predicts sales around the world to surpass $500 million a year. Liz Weber used Latisse on her short lashes, which were affected by a condition called hypotrichosis. Incidentially if you are looking for a san diego cosmetic dentist like: who is a specialist, then I can suggest them, as well as overall breast enlargement in general as well as rhinoplasty, facelift and tummy tuck. They have been serving San Diego as a cosmetic surgeon for some time.
Human growth hormone was developed for children suffering with growth disorders. Eventually older people and athletes wanting a physical boost started finding HGH through illegal suppliers. HGH delivers muscle growth and overall toning.
Lumigan is a drug Allergan developed to treat glaucoma. The disease can cause blindness if not treated. The medication works by decreasing pressure within the eye by slowing the production of a fluid in the eye or by increasing fluid drainage.


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