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April 4, 2011

The Dentist Dilemma

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Most people dread going to see a DDS, granted there are a few people I personally know that don’t mind it. If you are doubtful of having a positive experience with a dentist, I would strongly suggest that you make an appointment with Dr. Curtis Chan; he is a successful and well-liked San Diego Dentist . Hesitation can be brought on by many factors such as the financial obligations of the visit or the possibility of a dentist discovering a tooth that might need lengthy or painful surgery. Often, it is the inconvenience of having half or all of your face feel numb for hours after an appointment that keeps people from going to see a dentist. With today‚Äôs technology and scientific research, even this adverse affect can be avoided.
Topical injections known as Novocain are usually given for minor procedures such as cavity fillings. These shots leave your mouth without feeling or regular use of the muscles affected, making verbal communication, or even eating, uncomfortable. Now the FDA has approved a drug that can reverse the numbness caused from Novocain by opening constricted blood vessels. The medication is known as OraVerse, created by a company known as Novalar. The company Novalar sold their product to another company known as Septodont that has a much broader marketing reach, allowing them to share the new invention with practically the whole world. Now people across the globe have one less reason to have their mouths examined since Oraverse allows patients to return to work and play much sooner, making the anxiety of a trip to the dentist that much smaller. If you live in the San Diego like I do, chances are that you’ve had a least one dentist appointment in you

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