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August 14, 2009

California Woman Sentenced To Eight Years For Recruiting Patients

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I just returned from San Francisco where I had a Laser Tattoo Removal procedure done. A California female, Lila Toscano has pleaded guilty to almost a hundred counts which include everything from conspiracy to insurance fraud and capping.
According to prosecutors Toscano (age 41) recruited over two hundred individuals people, with the majority being from California, to take part in fake medical surgeries which included operations for sweaty palms and other things. These operations were done in exchange for low cost cosmetic surgeries or money. Spokesman Farrah Emami of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office stated that the victims were insurance companies and consumers in the scam. All in all, the insurance firms were billed about ten million dollars and made payments in excess $2.5 million for the patients recruited by Toscano, who made $770,000 in false surgery scam. For more medical, legal and safety news go to Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco as this site has a lot of resources concerning Laser Tattoo Removal and the like. All in all they are based in San Francisco, hence the name.
Along with Toscano who was sentenced to eight years for her part in the surgery scheme, which was a multi-state $ 154 million dollar medical insurance fraud scam, is the seventh person to plead guilty. The other suspected medical fraud defendants are scheduled for trial in August in Santa Ana Central Justice Center.
According to reports, by the district attorney, there were as many as 39 states involved in the scam and three doctors that had taken part performing 1,037 medical procedures.

July 7, 2009

Medical Marijuana Grower Sentenced In Los Angeles

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In federal court a judge sentenced Charles C. Lynch the owner of a marijuana dispensary to one year in prison. Federal Judge George H. Wu talked at length prior to sentencing Lynch and reduced the mandatory five year sentence, but said he could find no way around sending him to jail. He also stated that the changed federal policy did not directly affect his decision. This guy might have benefited from a better criminal defense attorney perhaps.Lynch was convicted in 2008 with the selling of medical marijuana from his dispensary to customers under the age of 21. By the way if you require a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney then may I suggest Ramiro Luis. He is one of the best in that area available. Lynch argued in court that he had complied with California’s laws that allow the use of marijuana with a doctor’s prescription.
Thomas P. O’Brien, who is the United States attorney for the Central District of California, stated that Lynch had violated the state laws, because he was not the customer’s main caregiver. He went on to state that Lynch provided no medical services other than the sale of marijuana.

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