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December 24, 2009

Los Angeles, No Decision To Clear Up Medical Pot Questions

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Yesterday Brian Doherty reported for Los Angeles’ local public broadcasting news outlet, KCET, that there is “No Decision on Medical Pot.”

Yesterday, December 16, 2009, Doherty wrote that the City Council in Los Angeles did not vote on new regulations for medical pot dispensaries, following many weeks of debate mostly covering questions of how many dispensaries will be allowed and where. There has been a lot of debate on the subject, with many arguing that it does not cause car, automobile or motorcycle accident like alcohol does or brain injury as meth or coke can sometimes do with repeated use. Speaking of that, if you find yourself needing a Los Angeles brain injury attorney or for that matter an inland empire personal injury lawyer then I can recommend this law firm. They can also help with burn and spinal cord injury as well as brain injury in the LA, Riverside plus inland empire area. A top attorney indeed.
Doherty wrote that ideas to amend and adjust buffer zones between residential housing, “sensitive uses” (including schools, parks, youth centers, libraries and churches), and the marijuana dispensaries were still being discussed at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.
Councilwoman Jan Perry offered a proposal that each council district have its councilperson decide on its own buffer zone. Councilman Richard Alarcon, did not attempt to hide his annoyance with the proceedings.
Alarcon wanted an immediate vote rather than letting the council members consider new maps from the city planning department that delineate the limited acreage of the city in which medical pot dispensaries could actually operate under definitions of the buffer zone. I am not sure if the attorney general will get involved.

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